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  • Do you have vegan options?
    We have Certified Vegetarian Products, but not Vegan. We have honey in some of our products.
  • Are your shakes KETO friendly?
    Yes! We have many customers maintain their Keto diet while drinking our shakes and teas. Our Cookies and Cream Meal Replacement Shake has just 10 net carbs! While the rest range between 10-14 net carbs.
  • Do you have gluten free options?
    Yes we do. Gluten free options are denoted on our menu with this GF sticker!
  • Do your shakes contain milk?
    Our Classic Shakes contain less than one gram of lactose. They are water based and NOT made with milk.
  • What type of protein is used for the shakes?
    We have a few options. Our Classic Shakes, which are the most popular are made with Soy Isolate. We also have a Whey based option, which is popular post workout. As well as our Select Shake options, which consist of rice, pea and quinuoa protein.
  • Can I have your drinks on Weight Watchers?
    Yes, our shakes are 4-5 points, our Specialty Drinks are 1 point, and Loaded Teas are 0 points.
  • What are the ingredients in your shakes?
    We have shakes with ingredients to fit anyone's needs and wants. We have soy, whey or rice, pea and quinoa protein shakes. We have shakes with artificial sweetener and flavorings and we have shakes without artificial sweetners and flavorings. Most people love our Classic Shakes but we can customize with ingredients for anyone's needs. We are happy to discuss in more detail when you come into the store.
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